Interviewing Tips

Thank you for choosing Elite Personnel Agency! The following have been constructed to help you prepare for and present yourself well during job interviews. Please review the following information and give us a call if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!

An average interview may only last 20 minutes, a short amount of time to form a strong positive impression about another person. The following are some suggestions to keep in mind during an interview:

      1. A firm handshake upon the opening and closing of a meeting is good business etiquette.


      1. Do not chew gum.


      1. Never smoke, even if the interviewer does and invites you to do so. Graciously refuse coffee, water, etc.


      1. Never put your purse or briefcase on your lap during an interview. Place them on the floor by your chair.


      1. Eye contact should be held comfortably when you are talking or listening. This says, “I am confident and I am interested.”


      1. Adjust the volume and speed of your speech to that of the interviewer so as not to overwhelm or bore the other person.


      1. Lean toward the interviewer at points during the conversation whether you are speaking or listening. This creates openness and interest.


      1. Smile when there is a reason. Don’t overdo it. Nervousness often paints a sober face which can be misconstrued as lack of confidence or personality.


      1. Do not nod your head and agree with everything being said to you.  People are not looking to hire a “yes” person.


      1. Do not interrupt.  It is rude and gives the impression your comments are more important than the interviewers.


    1. REMEMBERpeople hire people they like!